Nyarl Nezumi

Mysterious Xenoarcheologist


Nyarl seems to be the image of an eccentric, awkward scientist. And that is precisely what he wants you to think.

He’s pudgy and bespectacled in an era where biosculpture is cheap and safe. He usually wears a quantum-locked Hawaiian shirt.

His academic credentials are a poor forgery. His research is sloppy, and haphazard. Yet somehow, he’s received grants from a dozen sources, and convinced Noh-Fah King Gravitics to fully fund his latest expedition.

He’s currently under investigation under suspicion of fraud and money laundering.

He speaks Taum-Kur well enough to communicate with an ancient AI. The evidence for his claim of finding a Rosetta Stone for this dead language have yet to be revealed.

Nyarl Nezumi

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